Discussion Prompt 1

One visible mark I have left is when I interned for Nationwide Insurance couple years ago. My group and I worked on a software program dealing with insurance polices. At the end of the internship we created a pretty good program, and nationwide started using it and building upon it for the last two years. Our group members are still credited. A second mark is when I coached basketball at a camp for my high school 3 years ago, I worked closely with one of the players who was a point guard. At the end of the camp, the player became much much better, and there was huge improvement, I could see that working with him, helped him out greatly. A third visible mark I left was in high school, when my team won the divisional championship and we have banner still up on the ceiling. Also, I became the leading scorer for a year so, I also have a trophy up in the shelf for that. Another mark I left was when I volunteered for a library and my group and I helped make a art project for little kids. They made a collage and its still up now at Columbus Metropolitan Library.