Practices of Looking (10/3)

The Value of Images

This want an interesting part of the reading. The section talked about how images are awarded different types of value such as monetary, social, and political. The value of art is determined by economic and cultural factors. Paintings don’t exactly show how much they are worth but rather how we interpret a painting determines the worth of it. The section talked about a Van Gogh painting which was sold for $53.8 million in 1991. The reason it was so expensive was because the paintings authenticity and uniqueness. Also Van Gogh is thought to be one of the best innovative painters of all time, especially in the late 19th century. Not only money but there have been countless pictures that have been deemed as icons such as the Chinese student stepping in front of tanks at tiamen square. Images like that are images that have impacted people all over the world.


Sound and Technology (10/12)

The mp3 was designed by an electronics industry interested in maximum compatibility across platforms, which would allow for an easy exchange of files. The biggest problems with mp3’s are that many people don’t buy them. They are shared from person to another. Because of mp3’s stealing music has became much, much easier. Services such as torrents and limewire made it very easy to download mp3’s and distribute it from one person to another. One of the reasons technology becomes popular is due to convenience. The mp3 format made it very easy to collect music, CD’s became a thing of the past after mp3’s came into effect. At a click on a button an entire album can be downloaded almost instantly. Obsolete_CDs.jpg

However with mp3’s many musicians obviously are mad. Their music gets pirated weeks before the album is due to be released, which is very disappointed for the artist, whom has worked on their album for months just to have it leaked. Also with mp3’s, the quality of the songs are not as good as they are with CDs or vinyls. Most people cannot tell or don’t care about the difference but most artists can easily differentiate.

Denotation and Connotation (10/5)


Denotative: This a group of people who are holding up their hands in a fist, with one particular man in the middle.

Connotative: The man in the middle is LeBron James. This picture is part of a nike ad called “Together.” This picture was taken right after LeBron decided to come back to the Cleveland Cavaliers to play basketball. This picture shows that his decision is bigger than basketball. Him coming back to the city is for the whole city of Cleveland, not just for the LeBron and the Cavaliers. All the people in the city support him fully, which is shown by the crowd around him and all the hands raised up in a closed fists. A closed fist is used to show solidarity and unity.

An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube(9/26)

Through a typical week I watch maybe 2-3 YouTube videos. I listen to a lot of music through Apple Music and Spotify. Watch 4-5 hours of Netflix, and spend a good amount time on twitter. Apple music and twitter are what I use most of. The generation today has many, many forms of mediated spectator-ship due to our cell phones. Cell phones are always attached to us, which makes it very easy to use a variety of different applications such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. Not only, but all these applications are also free which makes it even more convenient. I think what I can take from what I do weekly is convenience.

Everything I do is because it is convenient. Apple music makes is super easy to find and play music, I never have to find new music because apple music makes everything convenient. I get on twitter a lot because twitter provides a lot of news sources in one place. I don’t have to go to different websites to find news. Also I watch Netflix because it has many TV shows and movies in one place which makes everything more convenient. I don’t watch YouTube that much because there are videos everywhere now. Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, and Facebook all have embedded YouTube videos. So there is no point to go straight to the YouTube, unless you are specifically looking for one exact video. Due to other social media sources being so adaptive, the effectiveness of YouTube has been reduced.



The Medium is the Massage (9/21)

I thought the “amateur” section was interesting. It talked about Michael Faraday who is recognized as the one of the great founders of physics, and experimenter who discovered the induction of electricity. Even though Faraday had little mathematics and no real schooling, his intuition and his freedom helped him discover electrical induction.

A great quote in the amateur section was “There are children playing in the street who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago.” – Robert Oppenheimer. The difference between an amateur and a professional is the amount of freedom and leeway they have. An amateur can afford to lose, and try and try again. While, a professional has very clear instructions on what they need to accomplish and specialize in. Amateurs also have a much wider imagination, where they can be creative and come up with inventions that have never been thought of in the past.



Gesture (9/19)

Gestures are important because they are used everyday while speaking. Whether you know it or not, you use some sort of gesture while talking. You can move you hands, eyes, legs, etc. Gestures can either complement or supplement speech. Sometimes using a gesture brings a whole different meaning to what you are trying to articulate. Also, gestures add to the emotional impact of speech. Without gestures, most speeches just don’t seem wholeheartedly.

The point of the classificatory system is to show how each gesture is used and for what reason. Many gestures can be used for many different causes. A same gesture could have different meanings depending on the context. As new speeches and gestures appear, the classificatory system is very convenient to have, to organize everything. The classificatory also helps look at how gestures evolve. Many gestures have changed from 100 years ago to now, while many haven’t changed at all. It is interesting to look at these changes and analyze them.pict-gesture-2-gestures-vector-stencils-library

Discussion Prompt 1

One visible mark I have left is when I interned for Nationwide Insurance couple years ago. My group and I worked on a software program dealing with insurance polices. At the end of the internship we created a pretty good program, and nationwide started using it and building upon it for the last two years. Our group members are still credited. A second mark is when I coached basketball at a camp for my high school 3 years ago, I worked closely with one of the players who was a point guard. At the end of the camp, the player became much much better, and there was huge improvement, I could see that working with him, helped him out greatly. A third visible mark I left was in high school, when my team won the divisional championship and we have banner still up on the ceiling. Also, I became the leading scorer for a year so, I also have a trophy up in the shelf for that. Another mark I left was when I volunteered for a library and my group and I helped make a art project for little kids. They made a collage and its still up now at Columbus Metropolitan Library. Finally a fifth mark I left was when I was on the club basketball team. Before I got there, we had no set offense or defense and we would just play. But after I got there, I implemented a certain offense and we should consistently doing it and getting better everyday. Even now 3 years later we still use the offense that was implemented three years ago even with new guys on the team.